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Jan 2007
Closed the book on a long (6 months) assignment with a Japanese Fortune100 company. Was supporting their move into the
logistics space through a group company. Ended up researching seven key food industries and retailers. All India assignment,
made more difficult by the fact that decisioning went back and forth between India HQ and Corporate HQ at Tokyo. Also, in the
middle ended up giving strategic advice to the local company on approach to building strategy. Anyway, wrapped up loose ends
and got the payment.
March 2007
Finished introduction and stabilization of new marketing process that supports the company's Trade Show participation. Uses
India-based agencies to design and produce high-quality collateral and ship it to our offices globally. (Forms the basis for my
'Trade Show Guide' and 'Trade Show Budgeting Guide' available free in the 'Credentials > Tools' section.)
(c) Atul Vaid 2005, 2006, 2007
May 2007
Developed and launched a short reports series on India. The first releases are on Demographics, Economy, and Consumer
Profiles; Spending Patterns. These reports present a snapshot of various macrofactors, and attempt to highlight key trends of
significance in a short, concise style. (These are available in the Credentials > Research/Reports section.)
July 2007
Launched another report, on the Indian regulatory framework. This is a short document which provides a brief overview of
aspects which would be of relevance to businesses and foreign investors (This is available in the Credentials >
Research/Reports section.)
August - September 2007
Preparing for launch of India Research & Market Entry Services for my current employer. This involved the development of
go-to-market strategy, budget development and the preparation of all support materials such as:
> Brochures design, development and production
> New section of corporate website
> Translation of website content and brochures into Spanish, French and German
> Collection and writeup of case summaries
> Comparison of competitor research reports
> Identification of research firms to provide primary research support
> Target list for communication - Journalists in India
> Target list for communication - Embassies/Consulates/Commercial sections
> Target list for communication - MNCs
Currently waiting to identify and recruit analyst teams to be able to launch.